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(1 Week) Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Training Course 

     Our Paintless Dent Repair PDR Training Curriculum is the most comprehensive class in the PDR Training industry. It is taught and packed with all the necessary foundation building exercises to teach you all facets of PDR in the shortest amount of time possible.  Students graduating from our PDR Training course should expect to continue practicing their newly learned skills until they achieve the speed and proficiency desired.

     Graduates Training Program will have the knowledge to properly access and remove all types of damage, including hail repair. Remember, “Practice makes perfect” so continued practice of  your newly learned skills when you get home is highly encouraged so you can develop your speed and ongoing quality of your repairs.


      The Auto Hail Repair Paintless Dent Removal Training teaches step-by-step how to remove small dents on top and side panels, and how to tackle more elaborate repairs such as hail damage, large dents and vertical and horizontal crease dents. In addition, students learn advanced techniques for removing more complex damage on all areas of the vehicle, both foreign and domestic. Glue pulling, tool selection, access, brace configurations and the inner workings of side panels are taught in great detail.

     Our PDR training program also covers the use of all your PDR Tools and we will make sure you know how to use the LED dent light and portable reflector boards while working outside.

Curriculum for our 1 Week :

  •     Intro to Paintless Dent Removal

  •     Demonstration on different types of dents 

  •     Explanation about metal characteristics

  •     How to read the dent light  

  •     Proper use of the reflective board

  •     Tool location exercises on practice panels

  •     Lessons for removing small lows

  •     Removal medium size dents

  •     Remove quarter size dents under braces and in the open areas 

  •     Hail damage 101

  •     Perfecting small and medium size damage

  •     Begin to remove deeper and larger sized dents

  •     Perfecting deeper and larger size damage

  •     Removal of creased dents, body-line damage and pressure dents 

  •     Elimination of high points, smiles, crowns using dent hammer and tap down

  •     Review techniques for all panels of the vehicle to insure “drill-free” access

  •     Work on all panels of vehicles on a variety of different types of dents

  •     Aluminum dent repairs 

  •     Proper tool selection for a variety of damage

  •     Access lessons continued for hail with emphasis on headliners and interior trim

  •     Finishing techniques including the removal of micro lows and color sanding

  •     Glue pulling techniques for double metal damage and ways to access these areas

  •     Estimating,  marketing and techniques for building business

  •     Hail Chasers Pricing and Estimating Guide

Curriculum for our 2 Weeks :

  •     Continue perfecting your techniques

  •     Continue to develop speed and quality for all types of repairs

  •     Continue to work on advance access and tool selection

  •     Stretched dents

  •     Body line damage

  •     Hail dents

  •     Color sanding & polishing

  •     PDR practice exercises

  •     Advanced reflector board exercises in direct sunlight

  •     Cross checking techniques

  •     Advance glue pulling exercises using the slide hammer and dent lifter


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HDA can fix all of these non collision dent on your automobile: hail damage, door dings, hood dents, roof dents, golf ball dents, baseball dents, softball dents, car dents, truck dents, motorcycle tank and fender dents


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